911 Job Description

A 911 Dispatcher position is a life saving honerable job! Learn what it takes to become a 911 dispatcher via the 911 Dispatcher Job Description.

How To Become An Emergency Dispatcher

Becoming an emergency dispatcher is a exciting, fast paced and rewarding career. First let us begin with the job responsibility of a dispatcher. Here is a brief overview.

911 Dispatcher Sample Job Description
The way we communicate is changing everyday. Below is a basic overview of what a dispatcher job entails. Uses a computer-aided dispatch system, receive emergency calls from the public requesting police, fire, medical or other emergency services. Determine the nature and location of the emergency; determine priorities, and dispatch police, fire ambulance or other emergency units as necessary and in accordance with established procedures. Receive and process 911 emergency calls, maintain contact with all units on assignment, maintain status and location of police and fire units. Monitor direct emergency alarms, answer non-emergency calls for assistance. Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems. Receive requests for information regarding vehicle registration, driving records and warrants, and provides pertinent data. Monitor several complex public safety radio frequencies. Operate a variety of communications equipment, including radio consoles, telephones and computer systems.

Educational Requirements
You must have a high school diploma or GED.
Most dispatcher jobs require you to take a test both writen and oral.

Medical evaluation
Dispatchers must complete a full medical exam to make sure you are able to handle all of the jobs stresses.

Background Check
Never lie on a dispatcher backround check it is grounds for immediate removal from consideration.

Be yourself and study many tools are out there for dispatchers to train with. How to become a 911 operator study guides are available. Here is another great article that gives a few sample dispatcher questions .